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Working With A Study Abroad Agent? Why Do Many Students Use Them?

How Agents Can Help You to Prepare Your Studies Abroad:

Whether you are planning to do an exchange semester, participating in a language program, or even doing an entire undergraduate or master’s program abroad, your agent got your back and will guide you through every step of the process. Thus, here is why we think using the services of an agent might be of interest for you:

Customized to Your Personal Needs

One of the immense benefits of working with an agent is that you can discuss your individual wants and needs as well as concerns in a face-to-face conversation with an expert. This is to ensure that you won’t encounter unpleasant surprises once being abroad, and that everything has been properly taken care of before you leave home to start your adventure. Your agent will seize the chance to get to know you and you aspirations, so that he can assist you on the process leading you to the country that you destined to be your new home.

Make Use of their Expertise

Agents are experts in providing advice as they have accumulated extensive and up-to-date knowledge on everything to do with studying abroad. They are also aware of all those little tips and trick that can help make your application to a foreign university stand out from the rest. Even before that, they will be happy to assist you with your choice of an appropriate study abroad destination or university, and can provide useful information during your program and course selection. Furthermore, apart from informing you about all the necessary documents required to gain admission, your agent will also closely monitor and review each step of the process.

Agents Are Well Connected

Obtaining a visa is one of the more difficult tasks that you will encounter on your way to your study abroad destination. Yet, this is an area in which agents prove themselves to be particularly useful. Agents tend to be in direct contact with consulates and representative offices of different countries, so if there are any changes in the visa application process or you are missing any of the application documents, the agent will promptly inform you. In addition, many agents offer to conduct mock interviews which resemble the actual interview that you will have to go through with the consular officer. In that way, you are well prepared for your visit at the consulate.

Quick Feedback

Due to the fact that your agent will be with you during the preparation phase as well as the entire application process, you are able to receive immediate feedback. This is quite important when it comes to writing your motivation letter or study plan, for example. That is, you will not lose valuable time that you could use to complete other steps, while at the same time receiving professional support on your writing. With the help of an agent, you basically have two people working on your application simultaneously. Hence, the process is significantly less time-consuming.

Pre-departure Briefing

Finally, before you are about to hop on an airplane, which takes you halfway around the world, your agent will give you useful tips that help you to adapt to your new surroundings abroad in no time. This is primarily done in order to prepare you to be open to the new experiences awaiting you afar and to minimize culture shock. Moreover, the pre-departure briefing is also your chance to get all the questions answered that you might still have.

Eventually it depends on you if you prefer to apply independently or decide to get some feedback and support from an agent, who’s services are often times completely free. In case you are interested in the latter, you can click here to get to our carefully selected agent list and find a quality agent nearby.

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