How far are you willing to go?

In a world where ideas can cross oceans with a click of a button...

Why Can’t You?


We are here to help students break out of their box, to set them on the right path and answer the grandest question...

How Far Are You Willing to Go?

Our mission at studywithoutborders is helping students to break out of their box; to remove the barriers to studying abroad and help students on their way to a better future.

“I like the way studywithoutborders simplifies the complicated process fo searching for universities. They’re making the first step to the world more intuitive.”

Sandi, Taiwan

“A good opportunity is no more than a subtle voice talking to your ear and asking if you are ready for more. studywithoutborders is this voice.”

Feliciana, Peru

“I think of studywithoutborders as a lighthouse. That one thing that keeps you confident when sailing. You never feel lost, you never feel alone.”

Carla, Sao Tome and Principe

students form the

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of a modern campus. Work with us to increase your international student body and maintain a healthy diversity.

We can make sure that your UNIQUE message is heard by the right students at the right time.

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